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"Making the decision to go to therapy is courageous.  It helps to improve the quality of life. Art Therapy is an alternative to traditional therapy and taps into the power of each person's creative process and uses it to assist in elevating that life. Even if creativity has long been dormant, it is there. And Art Therapy will find it."

About Art Therapy


As no prior art experience is necessary, only an open heart and mind is required to take creative risks in a non-judgmental, safe environment. The relationship with the creative process, combined with verbal therapy provides the basis for healing to begin, within the mind, body and spirit.



Individual Therapy

Mentorship Program



Collaborative Puppetry

Art Therapy Supervision/ ATR Candidates    and Post ATR


 Since 1978


About Bonnie

As a Licensed Professional Art Therapist (LPAT), Nationally Board Certified and Credentialed Art Therapist, (ATR-BC), and credentialed Art Therapy Clinical Supervisor (ATCS), Bonnie works in a safe, non-judgmental environment with a variety of clients, from late adolescents, young adults, and specializing with women’s issues, which includes depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationships, artistic blocks, and setting new life goals. Through the art therapy process, Bonnie assists, supports, and gently coaches her clients to set and attain therapeutic goals. 


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